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LiDAR / SoDAR Measurements

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology allows to capture all wind characteristics up to 200 m of height with high accuracy quick and easy.

Due to its high flexibility, a LiDAR is the ideal instrument to reduce project uncertainties in a relatively short time and at reasonable costs. Deployment as stand-alone, adjacent to a shorter mast or at multiple locations within your project, can help to significantly bring down the uncertainty and hence your costs and risks of financing. Additionally, a LiDAR can be also deployed in operating wind farms for performance assessment.

Ecofys WTTS provides full wind measurement campaigns using either our own hardware offerings or provide campaign management services with the client's LiDARs.

Offered as a standard service package, we will take care of all the necessary actions, which include:

  • Selection of suitable position
  • Transportation and installation,
  • Maintenance
  • Measurement campaign operation
  • Decommissioning
  • Reporting

Daily quality check is performed fully automatic to provide the highest possible uptime. Final reporting is done in close cooperation with the client, incorporating its specific wishes, site specific conditions and micrositing.

A LiDAR measurement campaign can normally be provided within a few weeks since no building permits are required.

In light of the latest technological and industry developments, Ecofys investigated further the use of LiDARs focusing on wind farm's bankability and wind measurement's strategy:

Position papers:

Improved Bankability: The Ecofys position on LiDAR use

Shorter Wind Measurement Campaigns: Speeding up wind farm developments with LiDAR


Please find more information about our LiDAR services here.


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