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Test Site Operation

Test Site Lelystad – a full service wind turbine testing facility – provides a comprehensive range of facilities for prototype testing, infrastructure, wind measurements and wind turbine testing services. With 12 positions for wind turbine prototyping and certification measurements and a combined installed power of 30 MW, this is the largest Test Site in Europe.

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Wind Measurements

On-site wind measurements are essential in determining the wind regime of a site and consequently the feasibility of an under-development wind farm. Moreover, wind measurements are also used for the performance assessment of operating wind farms. Ecofys WTTS, building on a 15-year track record of measurements performed in Europe, Central and northern America and Middle-East Asia, provides worldwide wind measurement services.

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Verification and Validation

At Test Site Lelystad, The Netherlands, Ecofys WTTS offers state of the art validation and verification tests for LiDAR and SoDAR remote sensing systems. For this purpose a fully IEC-compliant 120 m tall mast is available with four measurement heights between 40 and 120 m (40, 80, 95 and 120 m).

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Premium Services

Ecofys WTTS’ engineers can carry out additional detailed analysis of local wind characteristics, such as:

  • Local features (e.g. strong wind shear, reverse flows),
  • Extreme events (e.g. gustiness),
  • Stability effects (e.g. low-level-jets)

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